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Are you Living in a Alternate Reality?

Imagine the possibility of each of us operating in our own reality. To show this draw a straight line on a piece of paper. The bottom would be your birth, and the top would be death. The middle is where you are right now. If we were to exist on this continuum, then our lives would mimic ideal. Now imagine that every time something happened to us that was difficult to process, it kicked us off the "straight and narrow." At that time, the new path becomes reality, altered by the life event. Every time something happens, this pushes us further from our true selves. The version that was the most authentic becomes altered and failing to regroup put using this faux-reality. Imagine existing in this faux-reality since the age of five. You may not even know how to re-group at this point. And because everyone has different life experiences and different milestones everyone has a different reality. Now compare that to how people in society relate to each other.

Imagine if tra…