Let's talk about forgiveness. There are many opinions on the subject, and if asked, each opinion-er will argue that they are correct or valid; and this article will not fail in providing you with yet another opinion on forgiveness. Beginning with the definition: after googling the description, this one best fits this article.  Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim changes feelings and attitude regarding an offense; let's go of negative emotions such as resentment and vengeance. To elaborate on that definition, forgives is choosing to let go of the negative energy that binds you to the person that offended or wronged you. It is you who decides not to allow that negative energy to keep you two bound together. I have heard throughout life that  forgiveness is for the victim, not the offender.  I usually dismissed the thought and the person behind such foolish talk, which was what I believed it was. I now understand. Choosing to forgive some

Are you Living in a Alternate Reality?

Imagine the possibility of each of us operating in our own reality. To show this draw a straight line on a piece of paper. The bottom would be your birth, and the top would be death. The middle is where you are right now. If we were to exist on this continuum, then our lives would mimic ideal. Now imagine that every time something happened to us that was difficult to process, it kicked us off the "straight and narrow." At that time, the new path becomes reality, altered by the life event. Every time something happens, this pushes us further from our true selves. The version that was the most authentic becomes altered and failing to regroup put using this faux-reality. Imagine existing in this faux-reality since the age of five. You may not even know how to re-group at this point. And because everyone has different life experiences and different milestones everyone has a different reality. Now compare that to how people in society relate to each other. Imagine if

The Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Follow the link to the latest on identifying The Emotionally Abusive Relationship, recognizing it in your partner, and identifying if you are the abuser.  Click on the highlighted words below. The Emotionally Abusive Relationship

What His Death Showed Me!

What his death showed me. What I now know… truly great men/women don’t live long. When my grandfather died, I was young about five I think, but I remember. This was the beginning of me separating myself from death, I shed few tears if any.I remember when my aunt Mayola died. I was about nine or ten years old. She had been in the hospital for a while, and when I got the word that she had died, I told myself that I didn’t know her that well, that she was in the hospital and she was going to die anyway, and I shed few tears. When my grandmother died, I told myself that she was old, that she was going to die. She was 100 years old. I told myself that it was her time and I shed few tears. When my Aunt Cat died, I told myself that she had been sick for a while and that it was her time. I shed few tears at her funeral. When my cousin Nicholas died though it was a car accident and it was completely unexpected I told myself that it was his time, and I shed few tears. When my cousin Deborah

Head Chatter

Perfect is that part of life that has you in a good place mentally even though you are physically in a hole. 

Finding and Living Your Ten

Finding and Living Your Ten What is the one thing that you can do every day that you cannot imagine living the rest of your life without? That is your ten . As I grew up in Miami, Florida.   I knew from a very early age that I wanted to love people,  but it took me until I was over the age of 40 to make the connection on how to love people and make an honest living 😊 .   I see life on a scale of one to ten.   One is getting up every day, existing, going back to sleep and repeating it the next day.   Ten is living a mindful life, enjoying and paying attention to the times you are in the presence of others.   Getting up every day with purpose and excitement, looking forward to doing that one thing that brings you joy and purpose.   That thing, is defined for the purpose of this topic as, if there was a way that your physical needs were met, a way where you could live the life that you dreamed with the resources necessary to live ideally.   If there was a way that all

Let's Get Better

I posted this February 22, on another site.  I've created this new blog and want to bring over the older posts.  So here goes... I was in class yesterday.  The seminar was on rape.  Sitting and listening I had the best awakening.  One snippet that was given was: "Rape victims are more likely to be abused after being raped."  I thought to myself, "how could someone that just experienced a traumatic event "allow" themselves to be put back into that situation. This is what I've come up with, first my own thinking is faulty, it isn't ALLOWED , and secondly, once someone has been violated I believe one or two things happen.  Either they implode or explode.  Meaning they'll either internalize or externalize.  My educated guess is that the women or men that implode are likely to fit into this category.  If I would guess it would be that they can go through self-hate and self-blame. If someone doesn't reach out or this person or they reach out f