Let's Get Better

I posted this February 22, on another site.  I've created this new blog and want to bring over the older posts.  So here goes...

I was in class yesterday.  The seminar was on rape.  Sitting and listening I had the best awakening.  One snippet that was given was: "Rape victims are more likely to be abused after being raped."  I thought to myself, "how could someone that just experienced a traumatic event "allow" themselves to be put back into that situation.

This is what I've come up with, first my own thinking is faulty, it isn't ALLOWED, and secondly, once someone has been violated I believe one or two things happen.  Either they implode or explode.  Meaning they'll either internalize or externalize.  My educated guess is that the women or men that implode are likely to fit into this category.  If I would guess it would be that they can go through self-hate and self-blame. If someone doesn't reach out or this person or they reach out for help, that energy can be carried into the next relationship.  And in doing so, the line for what is liked and not liked becomes blurred, so much so that when mistreatment happens or abuse, the mind can justify the behavior.  Who wants to acknowledge that they've been abused twice.  If this faulty thinking is dealt with, an entire life can be filled trading one bad relationship for another, and never realizing that it's the thoughts, interpretation of events, the conclusion of what happened that is destroying the relationship.  It is deteriorating from within and many aren't aware of it.

My thoughts, and speaking from experience.  Take a moment to reflect.  If there is anything in your life that is difficult to process get professional help.  When you wake up from this, life can be so much better.  Walk into your life every day with your chest out and your head up.  And when you don't like something, and regardless of how insignificant it appears, speak on it.  If your displeasure is rejected, move on.  Your life is worth it.

Happy Sunday Luvs...


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